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” Happy and Healthy People of Uva ” 

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Provision of effective and efficient healthcare services to people living in Uva Province in a Customer Friendly Environment


Uva Province is located in South Eastern parts of Sri Lanka and comprised of two administrative districts; Badulla and Monaragala. The Uva Province is bordered by Central, North Central, Eastern, Southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces. The total population of the province is 1349574 (source by MOHNIM) while its land area is 8,488 km2 resulting the population density of 159 per km2 in 2017.

The province is located in the South Eastern slopes of the country and the elevation of the province ranges from as low as 25 meters to as high as 2,000 meters above sea level. The mean annual temperature ranges from 20.6° C to 34.0° C, while the annual average rainfall is from 1,300 mm to 1,800 mm in different parts of the province.

Much of the land area has been cultivated (Badulla 43% & Monaragala 45%) and the main cultivations are tea, paddy, vegetables and sugarcane. The province has two of the largest sugar factories in Sri Lanka which are Sewanagala and Pelwatte. The province has a fairly large forest land. In the district of Badulla, it was 28% of its total land area while it was 41% in the district of Monaragala. Around 3.5% of the total land area in the province is covered by water bodies.

Uva province has many natural and historical attractions. The main attractions are Diyaluma, Dunhinda, Bambarakanda and Rawana Ella waterfalls, Yala, Kumana and Udawalawa National Parks and the ancient ruins such as Buduruwagala, Yudaganawa and Maligawila.

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